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Kyle Brown

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4M Formula
4M Formula

Start Being Fueled By Enthusiasm

Stop wishing for more will-power and start mastering the 4M formula.


Not just your big “why” - awareness of every little action.


Fueled by enthusiasm. Turbo-charged with will-power.


Perfection is not the goal.


Healthy rituals become enjoyable habits.

This is how you’ll finally break through your fitness barriers.

You Are Not Alone

As a busy leader, time is your most precious commodity. You are an action-taker and you need momentum now – along with little wins along the way – to keep you fired up toward success.

In order to do this, you have to feed yourself first.Yet, how can you possibly continue to feed others if you have nothing to give from? Now is the time to feed your engine – your body, mind and spirit – with proper fuel, movement, and thoughts.

Hi! I’m Kyle Brown – and it’s my job to empower people to break down barriers in order to master life. This is a process I call Rapid Harmony and I only do this with Conscious Entrepreneurs. Over the last two decades, world changers, top CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, and countless celebrities have worked with me to develop a sustainable, fit, happy, peaceful, aligned and balanced lifestyle.

You are a Conscious Entrepreneur. You are a visionary with the wisdom and imagination to see the world beyond current obstacles. You lead and inspire others from a place of integrity, unity, and faith. I created this society just for you.

With 20 years of epic transformations, you may have seen us:


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Core Values
Core Values

How We Work Best Together

I wear my core values on my sleeve

Intention is everything. I believe my core values will provide great insight into whether or not we are a fit. If I decide to invest in a client, it’s imperative we are in complete alignment. These core values will help us stay on track - together.


The average kid laughs 400 times a day. The average adult 4. Our goal is for you to have more joi de vie and laugh 400 times daily.


We must empower into action. Applied knowledge is power. I’ll meet you where you are and guide you to take action towards where you desire to be.


Be mentally present and grateful living in the moment, as tomorrow is never guaranteed.


I work every day with relentless pursuit of my dreams, perspective, and gratitude to transcend any set back and transform it into a stepping stone.


Check your ego at the door AND know that you are enough. Lead with confidence and never doubt your magic.

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